Good Friday Prayer at Lockheed Martin

Prayers for conversion of our hearts and conversion of our warmaking Empire 

About 50 people gathered at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA to reflect and pray about the consequences of war and empire to the earth and all life on the earth. Under the umbrella of the Pacific Life Community,  Catholic Workers, people in religious orders, students from Notre Dame de Namur Univ in Belmont, and many, many friends gathered to remember those who suffer today. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest military contractor and a full-service weapons maker. Lockheed makes, among other things, missiles that carry trident nuclear warheads, and hellfire missiles that are used by drones. After the Stations of the Cross, three people walked up to the Lockheed Martin Gates, and when stopped by police, knelt down in prayer. Mary Jane Parrine, Ed Emhke, and Steve Kelly, SJ were cuffed and held by the Sunnyvale Police. Mary Jane was released, and has a citation that says she is charged with trespass. She has a court date in the Santa Clara Superior Court on June 4, 2014. Ed and Steve were held over Easter and were released near midnight on Tuesday, March 22.


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