Being the Hands of God

The mission of the Junipero Sierra High School Faith and Service Ministry is “As I have done for you, you should also do.” (John 13:15)

April work day - 44

Marco Hernandez, James Outman, Erin Court, Charlie Dowden, Ryan Krug and Mary Dowden

On April 28, 2014, several students and one staff member from Junipero Sierra put their mission into action and helped out the Redwood City Catholic Worker.

The students helped us with tasks that are important for hygiene and cleanliness, but are not very glamorous and not something that can easily be put on a college application.

The students cleaned our truck, cleaned plastic bins used in our food distribution, cleaned the porch, and cleaned the street.

Now, we only had five students, and one parent-staff, and so that’s a lot of work.

The truck that was cleaned is the truck that picks up  about 10,000 pounds of fresh produce every week. The produce  is used by the Padua Dining Hall of St. Anthony’s Parish  in Menlo Park and other Catholic Worker houses in the area, and is distributed on Friday at our Catholic Worker house.  

April work day - 03

James Outman and Marco Hernandez clean the inside of the Catholic Worker truck.

This truck also picks up furniture, paper for schools, and various surplus goods that need to be moved to people who can use them.

Other students cleaned bins that are used for food distribution at the Catholic Worker on Fridays. What happens is this: we are given cases of  produce that have some items that are spoiled. These cases are poured into the bins, and then cleaned and sorted. You can imagine that the bins need to be cleaned!  The students worked hard, used a lot of elbow grease.

April work day - 23

Mary Dowden, French teacher and parent, Charlie Dowden, and Ryan Krug clean the bins that are used for food distribution.

The Catholic Worker house is on Cassia Street in Redwood City. We do not have a regular street cleaning program, if we have one at all.   Erin, who is a self starter and responsible worker, was asked to clean up the street, cleaning both sides of the street. Not a very glamorous job, nor particularly social, as he was working alone. But at the end of the morning, the street was clean.

April work day - 25

Erin Court cleans the street, on both sides. A solitary and humble task: Erin is responsible.

The truck, inside and out, the food bins, inside an out, and the street: All cleaned.

Thank you, Sierra Students. Thank you  James Outman, Charlie Dowden, Erin Court, Ryan Krug, Marco Hernandez and parent/teacher Mary Dowden!!!  We hope you come back and help us out again.



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