Sept 2014 Newsletter: “The world will be saved by beauty.”

“The world will be saved by beauty.” Dostoyevsky

Sept. 2014
Dear Friends,


If you have been reading our newsletters, you are familiar with Larry’s “Needs” section which always mentions our needs for volunteer teachers and tutors. Over the past 20 years we have been blessed with wonderful teachers and tutors. Recently, Larry told me about Kirsten who wanted to do something with children. Kirsten is an artist by trade. She told me about her idea of having an art camp in which the children would have fun drawing, painting, pasting, cutting and much more! It sounded great especially when I asked Kristen what I would have to do and she responded, “NOTHING.” For me it was a no brainer and for the children an opportunity not to be missed.

So from June 9-13th the “big room” in our school became an art studio! Fourteen children, grades 4-8, signed up and no one missed coming because this was truly summer excitement. Kirsten and her artist friend, Lynne arrived with their car loaded with art materials & supplies. I witnessed how junk could be transformed into a piece of art!

The first directive the children were given was that there were no mistakes. The children learned that each of them brought to his/her work something about their own personalities. Kirsten and Lynne encouraged and praised all of the work that was done and they would comment on various parts of each art piece. “Cool” was the highest of praised and heard a lot!

The children learned some art vocabulary: definitions, pastels, palette, layering, images, brayer and texture. (I learned a lot too just watching & listening). Each day there was a different project: collages, decorating bags, creating their own books and decorating little boxes with myriads of objects.

At noon the children enjoyed delicious lunches prepared and delivered by some of our wonderful tutors. The lunches topped off a fun morning.

I am grateful to Kirsten and Lynn for sharing their artistic gifts with us. I was amazed to see the individuality of each child expressed in the work they did. I know that it was a very positive experience. THANK YOU, Kirsten and Lynn and THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS who make our English Language School and our Tutoring program possible

Love and gratitude,

Willa Bickham painted this mural at the Viva House Catholic Worker in Baltimore.

Willa Bickham painted this mural at the Viva House Catholic Worker in Baltimore.

Sr. Mary Jane Floyd for all of us.
P.S. As we prepared to begin another full year of teaching and tutoring, one of our supporters sent a sensational donation that allowed us to re-carpet the entire school and replace our window coverings. God is good and so are you.


Another of our wonderful supporters has donated a 3rd three-bedroom apartment in Redwood City. This home will be long-term housing for vets. Three wounded warriors will be invited to live each in their own room. With the addition of this residence, the Redwood City Catholic Worker will normally be housing between 20 and 25 guests each night including: our house for troubled teens, two residences for day laborers, a house for women and children and the home for vets. None of this would be possible without God’s love and your support.


  1. Food in any amount.
  2. Household needs: Kleenex, shampoo & conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, tool kits, can openers, coffee, condiments, freezer food (meat, pizza).
  1. The English Language School and tutoring program needs teachers and tutors –Call Sr. Mary Jane (650) 366-8315.
  1. BIKES: We have given out hundreds of bikes and the need continues to be Gigantic. We need bikes, helmets, locks, lights and repair tools.
  1. Musical Instruments for children to be part of a mariachi band.
  1. Laptop computers and other portable things (I Pads & calculators etc) that teens can use.
  1. Volunteers: one to tutor one of our teens in Chemistry, Geometry and English and the other to CUT HAIR ON FRIDAYS DURING OUR FOOD DISTRIBUTION. CALL SUSAN (650) 366-4415.
  1. Your ongoing love and support: money and houses for the poor.

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