Education: A Priority of the Catholic Worker …Sept. 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
For over 40 years the Redwood City Catholic Worker has had two major priorities – HOUSING AND EDUCATION.
    Most of you are familiar with our home for troubled teens.  Almost all of the hundreds of teens who have lived with us were required to go to high school or college (every day and every class) and get “C” grades or better.  The majority of our teens eventually graduated from H.S. and many went on to college. We believe that today education is a prerequisite for life.
    For over 25 years, our English Language School (also here in Redwood City) has helped women learn English.  At our school, 15 volunteer teachers help 45-55 adult women learn to speak English.  In the afternoons, another group of volunteer tutors help children with homework and reading and math skills.
    Last year we helped 7 teens with college scholarship grants of $2,000 each. Six of them did very well and one dropped out.  For the past 10 years we have annually funded school scholarships to Tanzania for children and adults.  At one time, there were 44 scholarships there.  This program is called “The Mission” and was started by a local group of women and their families.  The organizers of “The Mission” travel to Africa (on their own dime) every year to interview the recipients of these grants before, during and after their schooling.
    For the past two years, we have helped raise “seed money” ($10,000 a year) for an exciting Summer School program in San Francisco’s inner city.  To qualify for this innovative program a student (mostly minorities) must have major academic problems at their H.S. (June Jordan)  The teachers for this program are hand picked.  At the culmination of their educational experience, the teens must give oral presentations to their classmates and to the people who helped fund their rescue schooling. When I attended their presentations, their tearful descriptions of being raped, being impoverished and homeless while going to high school and their joy and hope at finding teachers who cared, was overwhelming.

Chaplain Lyn's car is full of backpacks and hygiene supplies.

Chaplain Lyn’s car is full of backpacks and hygiene supplies.

 By the way, for over 30 years we have supplied 75 to 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to children.

Veteran's Chaplain Lyn Juckniess brings backpacks for children and adults.

 Chaplain Lyn Juckniess brings backpacks for children and adults. 

    In addition to these regular commitments, we have also been able to facilitate the donation of truckloads of business furniture (chairs, desks, tables,  filing cabinets, paper products, etc) to Notre Dame High School, Our Lady of Mt Carmel School, St. Matthias Preschool, Roy Cloud Elementary School,  Woodside High School, Sequoia High School and miscellaneous other schools.  The source of most of these donations is none other than the famous Brother Robert (retired).  It was his contact that donated 4 pallets of new cases of paper.  That paper went everywhere. God is good.
    So, to say it again, at the Redwood City Catholic Worker, we are heavily committed to HOUSING AND EDUCATION.  We thank God for the grace to do this work and we thank you, our supporters, for helping us help.

Larry Purcell for all of us.
Sept. 2016


  1. Household needs:  Food in any amount. Garbage bags, pots and pans, laptop computers, electronic stuff, tickets to events, DVD’s for the movie library at the Catholic Worker,  ipads or other electronic stuff,  Kleenex, toiletries, etc.

       2.   Transportation:  Bikes, locks, helmets, cars, trucks, RV’s,.  After housing,  transportation is the number 1 need. Call Susan (650) 366-4415

      3. Money for education: college scholarships ($2,000 each)  To fun our English Language School for one year, the cost is  $12,000. In January we hope to send our final subsidy to Africa ($5,000).

     4. The kitchen floor at the Catholic Worker House for teens is developing holes; we need new linoleum.

     5. A house or money to buy a house for a new Catholic Worker Center. Call Larry  (650) 366-4415. I’ll give you a free cup of coffee.

  1. Teachers & tutors for our English Language School. Call Pam (650) 365-6019 for teachers and Mary Jane (650) 366-8315 for tutors.

Non-violent Resistance to War

Call Susan  or Larry for details (650) 366-4415 

Sunday Sept 18th 9:30am at Santa Clara University we will protest ROTC. Join the Bay Area Pacific Life Community in witnessing to nonviolence by challenging Santa Clara University to teach peace and end their ROTC program.  We will vigil outside the Santa Clara Mission Church on 9/18 before and after the 10am mass.  We will gather at 9:30am at the corner of Franklin St. and Alviso St. in Santa Clara.

Friday Sept 23rd 12 Noon at Lockheed in Sunnyvale to protest first strike nuclear weapons that are made right there.

Oct. 14th 11:45 am at Santa Clara University to again protest ROTC


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