November Newsletter 2017

“That is why I am telling you not to worry about your life and what you are to eat, nor about your body and how you are to clothe it…So do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself…” (Matt. 6:25)


Aida brings Catholic Worker guest, Ana, to the dinner at St. Anthony’s Dining Room.

Dear Friends,                                                                 Many, many of you have visited the Catholic Worker House at 545 Cassia St. in Redwood City and have met Aida Figueroa. But for those of you who do not know her, here’s a snap shot.

Aida is the only Christian I’ve met who has intentionally made absolutely no plans for how she will afford growing old. Her only retirement plan is “God provides.” And guess what, so far it’s worked. It’s amazing!!!!

As a Benedictine nun for 28 years, Aida learned that her life is in God’s hands. As she worked and prayed as a Benedictine she was put in charge of supervising the cleaning of a Catholic Hospital. While working and praying, she found out that God cares for her as he does the birds of the air and clothes her as he does the flowers of the fields. She prays as if everything is up to God and works as if everything is up to us.

Aida with Larry at Lockheed Martin for our Good Friday Service. Lockheed Martin is the largest exporter of weapons in the US, and builds missiles that carry nuclear warheads.

Aida came to the Catholic Worker over 20 years ago (she is 86 years old) and has been a fixture ever since. When she first arrived, Larry emphatically told her: “I am not taking care of you in your old age!” She said nothing in response.

Even though Aida knows that God provides, in Benedictine fashion, she never stops working. Her current involvements include volunteering weekly with Friends of the Library, Sandwiches on Sundays, and St. Anthony’s “New to U” clothing give away. In addition to that, she is the #1 housecleaner at the Catholic Worker. She deep cleans the place every week– we’ve never been cleaner! And she helps us with all of our projects at the Worker House. She deeply believes in both praying and working.

Whatever Aida is doing, she believes in healthy living. She runs every day, practices Yoga, attends daily mass, gives and receives Jin Shin Jyutsu therapeutic massages and avoids (whenever possible) western medicine. Four years ago Aida was diagnosed with acute leukemia and has refused any and all suggested treatments (chemo, radiation, steroids, etc.) from Kaiser Hospital. She relies on her regime of healthy living, her chiropractor, and a solid prayer life. For 4 years she has been completely symptom free. Again, “God provides.

Aida, Jan and Larry working on getting the mailing out….

Her faith and good works at the Catholic Worker and throughout Redwood City are humble, innocent, and done with a kind heart. If you want to get to know how to “let go and let God,” then meet Aida.

We give thanks for the goodness of Aida and for all of you, our supporters, and of course to our God, who takes good care of all of us no matter what.


Larry Purcell, Ronnie Georges, Sr. Mary Jane Floyd,
Jan Johanson, J Arthur White, Susan Crane, Doug Herbeck, and Aida Figueroa

Aida gives a warm welcome to everyone.

P.S. Just so you know…after Aida was diagnosed with Leukemia I told her that “You can stay with us at the Worker for the rest of your life.” Her response was, “I thought so.” Isn’t life wonderful?







  1. Food in any amount, especially for Thanksgiving.
  2. Household items: paper towels, light bulbs, a very good bed (anything but a king size), umbrellas, 8 ½ X 11 white paper, paper towels, detergent, & Kleenex.
  3. Shower program needs: socks, new underwear all sizes (men and women),sweatshirts and sweatpants, body wipes for waterless showers.Call Susan for details (650) 366-4415
  4. Homeless: bottled water, sleeping bags, warm blankets, jackets, tents and camping gear, etc. Call Doug (650) 366-4415
  5. English Language School: teacher assistants (no need to speak Spanish), call Pam at (650) 365-6019.
  6. Transportation: we can use cars, trucks, vans,  R.V.’s and bikes etc. It’s a big need.
  7. A house or money to buy a house for a new center for the poor. Call Larry for a free cup of coffee. (650) 366-4415.
  8. CHRISTMAS GIFTS for families we adopt. We can also use gift certificates to Target, Safeway, Old Navy, Kmart and movie passes to Cinemark.
  9. Your ongoing love and support.



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