Contact us.

Redwood City Catholic Worker
545 Cassia Street
Redwood City, CA 96063

(650) 366-4415

Language School
822 Heller Street
Redwood City, CA

(650) 366-8315  Ask for Sister Mary Jane Floyd

For suggestions about the website or
to contact the Redwood City Catholic Worker,

send an email to

susanscrane at

or, send a message


One thought on “Contact us.

  1. I lived there around the years of 1990 to maybe 1992. I am coming down to see my family for Christmas near that area. I would like to come by and see everyone of they are still there. Sister Mary Jane was in the house when I was there. Also. Larry ran the show there. I kind of can’t remember who else was there. If it’s possible, I’ll be in town on Christmas Eve and would like to possibly stop by. Please let me know if that’s OK. Thank you.

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