Scholarship Fund

The Redwood City Catholic Worker often helps the teens who are living here as they continue their education through junior college. Tuition, books and transportation come to about $1500. – $2000. a year.

We are always looking for help for the scholarship fund.

In addition to the Scholarship Fund for traditional college, at times we offer young people a chance to learn a trade by working for someone who will teach them the trade. The Catholic Worker hs in the past paid the student/worker as in intern.  We pay and the job site supervises and teaches.  We also needs funds for this intern program.

One of the best gifts anyone can give a young person is a way for them to earn a living,  and contribute in a positive way to our society. To learn more about the scholarship fund, and the trade work program, call Larry and have a cup of coffee  or tea with him. (650) 3664415


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