Home for Teens

The primary mission of  Redwood  City Catholic Worker is to be a home for teens. At our home for troubled teens we try to make sense out of everyday life and the Gospels. No one is paid to work here, and no one is charged anything to stay here. The coin of the realm is love, and we know love works.

Hundreds of teens have lived with us. Many have come from jails, hospitals, and families who are falling apart. Some have come with their whole  family. Because the emotional, economic, educational, and personal needs of our teens are so great, we only work with three or four at a time. With our teens, we try to simulate a family atmosphere.

We need professionals to volunteer to work with and employ our teens.  The teens stay with us from 6 months to a few years until they are able to go to college, live in their own apartment, or move on safely.


One thought on “Home for Teens

  1. Thank you so much larry for taking me in in 78,i was at your house next to A&W that was closed when you were arrested for protesting at diablo canyon,keep up the good fight 🙂 thank you so much ❤

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