Bike Program

We are given bikes. We find people who will fix them, and we give the bikes away.

The bikes are usually given to people who need a bike to get to work, or to their appointments. Bikes are shared with day laborers, with agricultural workers on the coast, and with those in need at our door.


Bikes donated by Stanford students.

For several years, students at Stanford University had a bike drive and collected hundreds of bikes for distribution. The very generous students donated locks to go with with each bike.

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange has been very generous in helping us. For several years, they have held workshops for people learning how to fix bikes, and have donated the reconditioned bikes to us. We are very thankful…the bikes are always in good running order and ride like new.

If you have a bike that you’re not using, or if you repair bikes and want to help, please call us.

We need bike lights, helmets, bike locks and bikes.
Almost every day, someone comes to our door asking for a bike to get to work, or school. We are often out of bikes…. but here are some pictures of folks who are ready to ride their new (to them) bikes. Thanks for all the bike donations!!!


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