Food Program

food program4The Redwood City Catholic Worker makes a food run to the South San Francisco Produce terminal every Tuesday and Friday. We pick up about 10,000 pounds of fresh produce every week.  Most of the produce goes to Padua Dining Hall of St. Anthony’s Parish  in Menlo Park. Some of the produce is used by other Catholic Worker houses in the area, and  on Friday some of the produce is also distributed at the Catholic Worker house (545 Cassia St. Redwood City).

On  Fridays,  hardworking volunteers come early in the morning to set up in the driveway of the Catholic Worker House (545 Cassia Street, Redwood City, CA}. They unload,  clean and organize the produce that will be given away to all who come.  Jake Messina is the coordinator extrodinaire. You can ask him for help in English, Spanish, Italian, French  or probably any language you can speak. Jake will make sure you get some fresh produce. The produce is usually distributed around 11:00 am, but it’s best to come by around 10:30, because  sometimes the truck is early.

food progam set upThere are no requirements or ID needed to get some of the food. It’s free to anyone who comes. If you drive, please don’t park in our neighbor’s parking lot, as Tacos el Grullense needs all their spaces for their customers.

Sometimes we close around Christmas if Friday ends up being a day when the South San Francisco Produce market is closed. We put a sign up the weeks before telling people.

Be sure to bring your own bags.


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