The Porch: An Experiment with Gift

Human relationships have been infected by exchange and bargaining. When we look around, it seems that all we can see are things and their price. But not on the porch: the porch is outside the commodity system.  The porch is an experiment with gift. A gift that needs no reciprocation, return, debt, countergift or exchange.  The porch creates a space for unreturnable acts of generosity.

On the front porch of the Redwood City Catholic Worker house, people bring many gifts and leave them for others to explore. Everything is free, and no IDs are asked for and no questions are asked.

A young woman brings a small bag of a clothes her child has outgrown.  An older man brings a small bag that peeks the curiosity of us all. The Porch is open to all to bring and take. Fully participatory.

People bring clothing, toys, kitchen tools, shelves, tables, sweatshirts, blankets….electronic equipment, tools of any kind.

(Please don’t bring sofas or beds. If no one takes them, the dump rates are very high. )

If you want to call ahead of time, you can reach us at 650-366-4415.


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